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The way you clean Oakley sunglasses lenses will depend a lot on very many factors. The procedures you use or cleaning agents used will be very critical for consideration. You don’t choose to do that in any way you feel like. Sunglasses are very sensitive products and you must ensure the cleaning you undertake is the right one. After all, the most important thing is making sure they are sparklingly clean all the time because dirty lenses will hamper visibility in a big way.
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But that should not be taken as an excuse to be careless in your cleaning for sunglasses lenses. You must start by gathering together all the necessary materials to use for the cleaning exercise. Water, mild dish soap, cotton cloth and microclear bag will be very important. Once you have that in place, start cleaning your Oakley sunglasses lenses by adding soap to a bowl and then warm water. Temperatures of the water have to be very low because all what you want is not to use cold water.

Then, dip the cotton cloth to the soapy water to use that for wiping out the lenses. You must ensure the two sides of the lenses have been cleaned for both arms. Don’t leave out the temples and frames since it’s all one thing. Nose pads are known to collect a lot of dust and usually forgotten when cleaning but you must give them enough attention. Simply, make sure each and every part of the sunglasses has been covered.
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Replace broken Oakley sunglasses lenses

After that, proceed to rinse your lenses using clean water. Ensure your Oakley sunglasses lens are completely clean through thorough rinsing. If there are any broken lenses, there is the option of going for Oakley sunglasses replacement lens to solve the problem for good. Don’t think of repairing broken lenses but replace them in totality. That is the only way the problem will be solved without chances of recurring in future. After cleaning and rinsing, you can blot the lenses using the microclear bag to have them dry.

The cleaning process for Oakley sunglasses lenses is very simple and easy if you are committed to that. Don’t be in a hurry to clean the lenses because that is an easy way to have them broken and damaged. You are advised to apply maximum patience all through until you get the desired results. How long should you clean your sunglasses lenses? This is a contentious question since there are those who feel it should be done daily, others weekly and others rarely. The truth is that Oakley sunglasses lenses should remain clean and clear all the time.
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You may not clean them on a regular basis but make sure you wipe out dust from the lenses on a daily basis. Actually, you should be wiping dust as many times as possible in a day because you will be noticing the change in visibility. At some point, it might be blurred but don’t allow your lenses to go to that extreme.

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